The most famous political work from Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is ''Guernica'', which is considered as his most powerful political statement. The painting was an immediate reaction to the Nazi's destructive mobbing practice in the Basque town of Guernica During the Spanish Civil War, when numerous people were killed. The painting ''Guernica'' shows the tragedies of war and how it reflects individuals and innocent civilians. This work is a reminder of a disaster of war, and it's considered as an anti-war and protest symbol. When Nazis occupied Paris during World War two, one German officer seeing a photo in Picasso's apartment, asked him: -'' Did you do that?'' and Picasso responded -''No you did''.Picasso showed his patriotism and sense of justice by that painting. The Guernica is in blue, black, and white colors, Picasso also used The bull and the horse characters; they are essential in Spanish culture.